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Frontier is a DeFi interface to access Native DeFi and Staking by connecting existing mobile wallets.

To date, we have added support for DeFi on Ethereum, Binance Chain, BandChain, Kava, and Harmony. Via StaFi Protocol, we will enter into the Polkadot ecosystem, and we will now put vigorous efforts towards Serum.


Decentralised market place to trade insurance risks, where premiums are determined by Dynamic Pricing Model.

Nsure.Network is an open insurance platform for Open Finance. Platform allows for capital mining and provides capital to back insurance risks in the capital pool. It also provides dynamic pricing which is determined by real-time capital supply and demand for insurance coverage.


Serum is decentralised exchange platform built on Solana blockchain which is faster than other blockchains and provides lower transaction costs.

Serum is DEX protocol and ecosystem built on Solana and is completely permission less. Its on-chain central limit order book and matching engine provides liquidity and price-time-priority matching to traders and composing projects, benefiting both.


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About us
We are looking for synergy opportunities with strategic partners
3Commas Capital is comprised of founders including partners from 3Commas and Smile Research. We have experience building tools that reach mass market appeal and we can share this knowledge with teams that join our ecosystem.

We also work closely with exchanges and Defi networks and can share this access with project teams. While utilising our extensive global networks within the blockchain space, as well as expertise gained from our collective backgrounds at Binance Labs and the 3Commas trading platform.
Worked a decade in investment banking equity sales and trading before moving into blockchain. He was a founding member of Binance Labs. He is the Founder of Jenny DAO and Co-Founder of Exotic Markets.
Benjamin Rameau
CEO and Founder of several software ventures such as 3Commas. io and Castor Digital, whereas 3Commas is the order management system and algorithmic trading solution forDigital Assets and Castor Digital — BI data analytics and data visualisation platform.
Yuri Sorokin
CMO and Co-Founder of 3Commas. io and had previously worked in various senior marketing and business development roles over the spanof 6 years. He also holds prior experience in online gaming industry.
Mike Gorunov
Highly accomplished IT Executive with over 10 years of development and technical leadership experience. He is also a serial entrepreneur as well as Co-Founder & CTO of 3Commas. io and Castor Digital.
Egor Razumovsky
COO of Smile Research and had previously worked at Galaxy Digital for over 3 years as Vice President of Operations. She also posses 6 years of operations experience in hedge fund industry covering different financial sectors.
Kateryna Osadchuk
Seasoned investor in multiple crypto projects since 2017 and has been actively involvedin the digital space community ever since.
Dmitriy Larikov
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